Sunday, June 12, 2011

Music Maniacs

It seems that all we did this past weekend was check out live music!

It started on Friday evening with BeauSoleil at our City Park.  BeauSoleil, French for "Beautiful Son," is a Cajun band from Louisianna...with Justin being from the region, I thought it would be fun to check them out!

Little did we know that they're a Grammy-award winning band...and there was no charge for admission!  I have to give some props to our city for being able to bring them in time and time again in recent years.  Even though most of their songs were in what I assumed to be French or Creole and we had no idea what they were signing about, we still bought a CD to take home with us.

The newspaper misprinted the start time of the event, so we were a bit early...but it gave us a chance to sit back and admire just how pretty our pavilion and stage is!

Live with BeauSoleil!
Then last night...well, it was entertaining!  And a bit risque!

George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic were the headlining act at the Smoky Hills River Festival.  It had been close to 20 years since I had been to the River Fest, Justin had never been AND he had never gone to a real concert before.  Therefore, it became absolutely necessary that we go!

The man is 70 years old...and STILL getting down!  If you saw him from the back, you'd never know he was 70...but then he turns around and the eyes tell it all.  Pretty obvious that he's seen some fun in his day...
We were lucky--we scored admission buttons for just $10 AND we sat in the fourth row.  For a first-time concert experience, it was a great one for Justin!

I do have to wonder what some people were thinking when they brought their small children along...Maybe they're not quite familiar with George Clinton and the P-Funk???  There were some sights that would have made my grown brother blush!

That said, I'm hoping I can post some videos from the concert...but until I figure that out, here are some pictures!
Justin doing his silly "#1" before the concert started...I jokingly told him it would be our way of remembering it as his first concert!

The musicians slowly entering the stage

The man himself!!!  He took off his hat to reveal a wave cap...there is NO hair on this man's head!  Quite surprising considering he's known for his outrageous dreads

This dude was killing about an emaciated body, visible ribs and all!  And he strapped on a handtowel to form a diaper!

George Clinton and his back-up vocalists

Their tambourine man on vocals

This gal was George Clinton's granddaughter.  She came on for one song where she both sang and rapped...She was pretty good!

Two of the guitarists were featured at the very end

Georgie Boy did a quick cap change at the end of his show and gave the red one to the audience before leaving for the night

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