Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sonogram Says...It's a Girl!

 On Friday, we went in for our very first--and only--sonogram!
I was surprised how well I slept Thursday night--I was convinced that I wouldn't sleep a wink!
Even though I woke up bright eyed and perky tailed (ha!), I still thought it was wise to drink a cup of coffee and sip on some orange juice before we headed to our appointment...
And I'm glad I did!
The baby was moving around like crazy and within moments of pressing the wand on my stomach, the gender was revealed--we're having a GIRL!
As soon as the words, "It's a girl" came out, Justin's head fell into his hands.  At first, I thought he was disappointed and when I took a closer look at him, he was not only holding his head but he was also shaking his head.  What was that about?! 
All we truly wanted to hear during the sonogram was that everything looked okay and was developing as it should be...for us, the gender reveal was secondary.  Praise be to God that all the organs are working just like they should be and they kept saying, "It looks like the baby is healthy."  Last time anything was "checked" was 2 months ago and they just ran blood tests.  We had been on pins and needles waiting to hear about the baby's development...and we finally heard what we were hoping to hear!
Our Little Alien Baby...
20 weeks
13 oz.
Longer than avg. legs
Bigger than avg. feet
Still due on Halloween!
But back to Justin...
Once we left the appointment, I asked him how he felt about having a daughter.  And he started doing his little whimpering thing where he struggles to get words out (NOT what you expect out of a giant man, but it is what it is).  Lo and behold, he was freaked out.  His exact words were, "I'm going to have to protect her and someday, I won't be there to do that.  I thought maybe we would have a son first so that he could look after his sister when I'm gone."  Ahhhhh.....And then he started in on how much work it would be to raise a girl (not that I needed the reminder!), to lighten the mood, I kindly reminded him that it would be okay and the best part was that he gets to live with TWO of me :-)  lol...I'm pretty sure that made him want to run for the hills!
But here we are, on Father's Day, and just one day away from Justin's birthday.  He now knows that in about 4 months, he'll be welcoming a daughter into the world and from now on, he'll be celebrating her birthday and doing things together on future Father's Days.  When I really stop to think about it, I can see how things became so real, so quickly for him!
And in just about 4 months, we'll get to see our baby girl again.  During the sonogram, they asked if we wanted to do a 3-D sonogram at a later date--we smiled and politely said, "No."  One, we're cheap--I can think of other productive ways to spend that kind of money!  Two, it will be such a surprise to see what she really looks like...or if she still looks like an alien!  And finally, we will have all the time in the world to look at her--that's something that an expensive sonogram will never beat!

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