Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 22 & My Idiotic Mistakes

Man, oh, man...week 22 has been ridiculous!

The one highlight has been that I've finally "popped."  We were at church on Sunday and one of our friends was SUPER excited because she could finally see that I was pregnant!  I'm still not showing a whole lot and it usually depends on my shirt of choice, but baby girl is starting to make her presence known.  Personally, I blame it on all the food we were served during last week's Leadership Academy for the Kansas Association of Realtors.  There's only 13 of us from across the state that were chosen to participate this year--and this time around, only 9 of us could be there.  And you just don't put food in front of people without them eating all of it!  Well, at least if they're pregnant!  Randomly enough, like I said, there's 13 of us in the class.  10 of us are women.  By the time we graduate the Academy in October, four of the female Realtors will have given birth during the course of our Academy.  I'm still convinced something was slipped in our water back during our first session in January...

But back to this past week...Aside from starting to pop and noticing eyes on my stomach, I feel like I've done nothing more than correct mistakes all week long.
I can see a little more bulge!

Starting to 'poke' out a bit more!

And if you catch me at just the right angle, you can definitely tell something's going on!

Idiot Mistake #1: I was out of business cards, so I finally ordered new ones.  Within a few days, they arrived at my office and upon opening the box, I realized I ordered the wrong freakin' cards!  Since it was TOTALLY my fault, I knew better than to even try negotiating a refund from the company.  So, now I patiently await the arrival of new cards while figuring out a use for the 1000 business cards that were printed on awful, awful paper.  Maybe they'll become mini to-do lists?!

Idiot Mistake #2: I managed to forget groceries for the week.  We'd made a Sam's run on Friday to stock up on lunch stuff for J-Money...then come breakfast-time on Monday morning, I realized we didn't do our usual Sunday evening grocery run.  Upside?  We have so much stuff in our freezer that we've been able to pull together some (very) random, but edible, meals!

Idiot Mistake #3: The icing on the cake came this weekend when I went to paint the baby's room.  I had picked up the paint on Friday evening, opened it Saturday morning and threw some on the wall.  Right away, something looked off...I grabbed the paint swatch out of the kitchen and sure enough, I had Sherwin Williams mix up the wrong color.  Seriously?!  And because it was ME who made the mistake and it was a tinted color, I couldn't return the paint.  Being the paint-snob that I am, it wasn't cheap stuff, either...Grrrr...Instead of pouting the day away, I put my big girl pants on, ran to the store and came back with the right color in hand, only to be greeted by...

Idiot Mistake #4:  When I came home, I let the dog out of her crate and started putting away the old paint and getting the new paint poured into the tray.  Minutes later, I realize that the dog managed to walk across up-turned paint lid (that I left on the drop cloth), tracking blue paw prints across the wood floors and new area rug!  Could things become any more ridiculous and preventable?!  I was SO ready to take off my big girls pants and finally throw myself a self-inflicted pity party...but if I did that, I'd never get the room done!  The rest of the painting continued with several more hiccups, but it was eventually done and here's a sneak peak of the final wall color!
From K-State purple to this!  It's not quite as green in person, but more of a turquoise...almost a dead-on match to our living room.  Guess I didn't think too far out of the box on this one!

On a positive note, I do feel like we're making progress with several other projects.

In a couple of weeks, the work in the bathroom will commence.  We're talking new flooring, hanging of beadboard, a new light fixture and if I ever get the stuff ordered, we'll install new decorative towel bars, etc.  Needless to say, because I can't even paint a room right now without causing major headaches, we're having one of my contractor buddies tackle the project.  Plus, it will be nice to let someone else do the work!  The hutch for the baby's room is on a waitlist to be refinished--hopefully, it will be done in the next 5 weeks or so.  And our crazy, icky rocker is also on a waitlist to be re-upholstered.  That waitlist is several months long, so I'm glad I finally got around to calling the gal before I ended up having to rock the baby to sleep in the icky thing!  It's not easy for me to live in a house with unfinished "tasks," but the upside to it all is that once baby girl gets here, everything should be done and looking NICE!


  1. Blame the mistakes on,pregnancy brain

  2. my cat jumped into the paint lid and tracked gray paint on our tan carpet when i painted knox's room! she didn't like that one bit!

  3. Peggy, this pregnancy brain-thing is scary! As you well know, I already have a tendency to miss important stuff! lol...the next few months could be quite an adventure! And Megan, just curious--how did you get the paint off your carpet??? Fortunately, I bought an indoor/outdoor area rug so with lots of scrubbing, the paint eventually came out and the fibers stayed in tact. However, the dog did NOT come into the room anymore that day! lol