Friday, January 29, 2010

It's OURS!!!

Last week we had toured a downtown bungalow that had been taken off the market...we originally planned to do the second walk-through this morning but after deciding it was pretty much the house we wanted, we moved it up to Wednesday evening.
And thank God we did! I received an email from our realtor on Tuesday evening stating the owner wanted to put the house back on the market this reaction was, "Oh shit! This is NOT good!!!" but kept running the Serenity Prayer through my mind so I'd keep my head up.
We get to the house on Wed evening and there's a freaking For Sale sign in the yard! I jokingly told Kelly that I was going to pull the sign out of the yard...he said the house went on the market that afternoon and his phone (he's also the seller's agent) was blowing up with people wanting to schedule a tour. However, since we were viewing it that evening, the next person wasn't scheduled until the following evening.
After going through the house, we went back to Kelly's office to write up the offer...we gave the seller's until 5pm yesterday to let us know. Justin and I were convinced we'd get a counter-offer and possibly even end up in a bidding war since the property had so many other buyers interested in it. To our luck, the seller's accepted our offer over the lunch hour yesterday and there was no counter!!! The house is OURS!!! I finally got my downtown bungalow :-)
The closing is scheduled for April 1 which means we can get into the house to do all the painting, etc and then leisurely move our furniture in as our lease doesn't end until April 30. The property doesn't have any fencing, so we'll have to get something put up before we bring Mitzy & Malcolm over...we're thinking a white picket fence :-) I know Mitzy won't have any problem adjusting to a new place but Malcolm on the other hand...hmmmmmmmm. When we first got him, we hid in the basement for over a week--I couldn't find him anywhere and was convinced he was dead. I mean CONVINCED. Justin was in Texas & Louisianna at the time and I kept calling him to say the cat had to be dead and I was completely freaked out about the dead-animal smell kicking in...but then I noticed he'd been eating and using his litter box so there went that theory! I know he'll absolutely love all the windows once he gets settled in the new place, but oh man, that could take a while!!!
Between now and when we close on the house, I think I'm going to start playing the lottery. I'm SO ready to go HGTV on this house and make it into my own creative interior decorating showroom. But I just don't know how I'll be able to buy all the stuff because I tend to gravitate toward the expensive stuff and decorating a house costs some major money. I figure that if I play the lottery, I may win a few bucks here and there (Justin's coworker got a scratch-off ticket every week and won $10,000 one day!) and I'll help the State of Kansas at the same time! Or maybe I'll just write HGTV and see if they'll send one of their crews to our house and use us as decorating guinea pigs...
I couldn't steal any other pictures from the internet because they have already removed the listing...but here's a picture of the outside!

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