Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Burst of Sun

It seems like everyone around me is headed to warm climates this week...while I'm stuck in snowy Kansas.  Ick. I still haven't gotten around to taking down our Christmas decorations because 1) Epiphany WAS just last week with Sunday being the last day of the church's Christmas season, 2) the snow definately makes it "feel" like Christmas and 3) I've been freaking out b/c I have nothing to hang on the living room wall after we take down our Advent calendar...and after being in our house for 10 months, I'm sick of having bare walls in the living and dining room.

However, I found this little burst of "sun" at Pier 1 the other day and now it's warming up our living room wall above the console table!
It would be an understatement to say that I love sunbursts...I would have them all over my house if I could.

Well, I guess we already do!  We have this clock in the dining room...

And this clock in the bathroom...

To be completely honest, I wanted a HUGE sunburst clock for the living room...but then it would be pretty obvious that I have an obsession with knowing what time it is...all the time.  And having a wall clock in every single room might be a bit much (having one in your closet isn't obsessive, is it?!)...so I opted for a mirror instead.

I originally fell in love with this mirror when I first saw it online...but then I realized it would be well over $400 by the time I had it shipped to our house and knowing my luck the mirror wouldn't survive the trip.
But who was I kidding by even looking at it?!  Spending hundreds of dollars on a mirror is NOT in our budget and as it turns out I like our "sunflower" (as I have nicknamed it) better!  And here are a few reasons why...1) It's easier to see in person, but each ray/leaf is sculpted and brings some needed texture/dimension to the living room...2) Our console table is 50" long and with our high ceilings we needed something decent sized to take up the space...which the sunflower did!  3) I don't have a pic of our dining room chandelier anywhere, but it has these really cool sculpted leaves around the base of each light...the chandelier fit the period of our house but just needed something to compliment...then I realized yesterday that the sunflower leaves totally work with the leaves in the chandelier!  And finally...4)  the sunflower mirror was on sale for like 1/6 of the price of the mirror I originally saw...it can't get much better than that!

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