Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to Our Cowboy!

Twenty three years ago, a two-year old Shawn was given a stuffed cow at his birthday party and quickly named him "Bob the Bull."

Lil Debbie, Tawnya, Bob the Bull, Grandma Marcene, Taddy-Long-Legs, Shawn & neighbor Chad

Fast-forward to his 25th Birthday and we have an "official" cowboy on our hands.  Happy Quarter-Century, Shawn!

Since no birthday is complete without some singing, I figured I would invite Willie Nelson to the party...but when I try to think of a Willie Nelson song that is the epitome of T-Ditty, I can't settle on just one.

Even though we NEVER thought he would grow up to be a cowboy, this song definately reminds me of him!

And this next song--well, we used to take turns singing the parts of Toby Keith & Willie Nelson while driving around in his old red Ford truck...It's a perfect song for a cowboy!

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