Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Refinishing Project

When mentally re-designing our bedroom, I was super excited about reusing a little table I had in the basement.  In my head it made the perfect nighstand!

Well....once placed next to the bed, it was WAY too small.  The search was on for something new.

I came across the perfect nighstand on Pottery Barn's website...I especially loved the green one!  Then I saw the price tag.  $600 before taxes and shipping?!  I fell out of love with it in about 2 seconds.

A few days later, Joanie's Junk--a store in Morganville--posted an old wash stand on their Facebook page.  It was the perfect height so I told her to hold it for me and we'd get it picked up ASAP.  I should rephrase that--Mom would pick it up ASAP.  The price was just right and I didn't want to risk someone else taking it home!

The little oak stand was a perfect fit for our bedroom.  But oak floors AND an oak night stand?  I hadn't thought about the wood-on-wood effect so I decided to refinish it.

After all, it had TONS of storage...just what we need!

After a fresh coat of lavendar paint, new hardware and painting in the carved flowers the former wash stand no longer lost itself against our flooring.

A close-up of the detail work...

The inside of the top drawer...great way to put scrapbook paper to use!

The middle drawer...

The bottom right cubby...

The bottom square drawer...

After moving the night stand back into the bedroom, Justin took 1 step back and said..."This room looks way more cozy then it used to...almost like a baby-making room."  WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?!  Please--trust me--that is not my intention by any means!!!  I just want a room that is welcoming at the end of the day.  A screaming baby does nothing to help me achieve that goal.

Hopefully, our bed will be put together by next weekend.  That is...if the correct parts arrive by then.  They were supposed to be here this past week.  And now next week is the new deadline.  I'm not holding my breath.  That story warrants its own post!

Hoewever, once we get the headboard up I can start accessorizing around it.  A tray on the nightstand and a different lamp orange pom-pom area rug...a new coat of paint for our dressing mirror...and finally some wall art.  I absolutely love our second-hand dresser but my feelings wouldn't be hurt if I stumbled upon something else that would be an even better fit for our room!

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