Sunday, September 25, 2011

What We Ate Last Week

Justin and I really don't eat out that much.  It gets expensive, it hurts my stomach and I'm not trying to brag--but I can cook a better meal than a person would get going out to eat at one of our many fast food places.  However, this week was definately an exception due to a crazy schedule, having company in town and celebrating our 1-year wedding anniversary!

What We Ate Last Week...

Monday: Honey Garlic Chicken* over steamed rice with sugar snap peas

Tuesday:  Beef Tips with risotto and maple-glazed carrots

Wednesday:  Panera--it was conveniently located between my office and my evening meetings!

Thursday:  La Fiesta!*

Friday:  Mongolian Beef over cabbage/steamed rice with edamame and crab rangoon

Saturday:  Chinese Buffet before the movies

Sunday:  We're headed to Houlihans for our anniversary!

The Learning Curve(s):
*Honey Garlic Chicken...I was not impressed with this new slow cooker recipe!  It was was salty.  It gave me horrendous heartburn.  This will never make it on our rotation again--unless it's from a Chinese restaurant!

*Mom was in town Thursday night and treated J and I to La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant...I love fajitas, he loves fajitas but I hate how pricey they are at supper time.  We decided to order the "Fajitas for Two" to keep the cost down and Justin said across the table to me, "I'll share my meat with you." In front of my mother!  It's only funny if your mind is naturally in the gutter ;-)

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