Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cold Blooded

I absolutely love this time of year...the humidity is gone, the leaves are changing and the holidays are right around the corner.

And for the most part I don't mind the cooler temperatures...until this year!

I've always been "cold blooded" and it's kinda fun to dress in layers and bundle up.  We haven't had our AC on at the house for several weeks now and we haven't had to turn the heater on yet.  But it's a different story when I head to the school!

A few weeks ago, I was absolutely freezing in my office--I looked forward to my lunch breaks just so I could crank the heater in my car.  I figured it had something to do with my cold and week-long fever...I would alternate between goosebumps and sweating bullets.  My desk is made out of metal and I was too scared to bump it because that even gave me the chills!  I've pretty much given up on wearing crops or dresses because bumping exposed skin against my desk just gets old.  We have already adjusted the room's thermostat to 73 degrees so I figure I'll just suck it up for awhile.  I've been wearing my fleece most days and if I have to I'll start bringing a blanket with me!

Yesterday, I was leaving the building and noticed that all the other thermostats were set to 65 degrees.  No wonder I'm always freezing while I'm there!!!

What I can't figure out, though, is this...they're always looking for ways to save money within the district.  Have they ever done an audit on what they might save if they adjust the building temps a bit?!  The normal comfort zone temperature is 72-73 degrees and they have it at 65.  Especially with the cooler weather, it doesn't make sense...is it unreasonable to turn the AC off already and have fans move the air around instead???  But all I know for sure is this--it wasn't my fever making me cold and I'm counting down the days until they turn the heat on!

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