Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 15 & 16

December 15:  Humor.

During Life Skills, we were discussing how to make new friends and one suggestion from the curriculum was to give somebody a compliment.  I had the students give different examples of compliments that they would feel comfortable giving a person...things were going great and one of my more interesting 6th Graders had his hand up.  I called on him and he said in an EXTREMELY serious tone, "Ummmmmm...all of these compliments...they sound just like something you would say to someone if you wanted to make them your boyfriend or girlfriend...and help with furthering the world population."  And then he just started laughing like crazy.  Of course the entire class then became hysterical as well!  I even had to giggle myself because really, who puts it that way?!  If it weren't for humor, life would just suck at times!

December 16:  Techie people.

I am technologically challenged, to say the least.  Last week we ended up bundling our internet service with our existing Direct TV (hello, $55+/mo savings!!!) package and the modem arrived this week.  It would have helped if I remembered that DSL runs through a phone line and not your cable outlet because this meant our wireless router would not automatically work with the new modem.  Several attempts, a call to AT&T and two days later and we have our wireless router switched over...all to the thanks of my sister-in-law's brother!  I'm not kidding--it literally took him 2 seconds to do everything.  His techie abilities definately saved us some time, tons of frustration and the very likely stupid argument about how our other half doesn't know jack about internet stuff...when we have no clue what we're doing ourself!

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