Thursday, December 2, 2010

Getting Closer...

The interior of our house is one step closer to "being done."  Our second-to-last piece of furniture arrived today! 

We have been adding the furniture and knick knacks bit-by-bit...Of the things we had at Shirley Lane, we kept only the contents of the spare bedroom and our bedroom.  We started all over in the dining room, living room, kitchen and bathroom.  Okay, so the bathroom is pretty simple to do as it doesn't require furniture or appliances, but it still costs money!

Each time my brother would come by our house, he would tell us what piece of furniture to get and where to put it.  Since when was he the Interior Designer?!  But as I would tell him each and every time, we're buying our pieces slowly to keep from going broke!  Does he know how much furniture costs?!  But thankfully we've found some of our new pieces at great prices and the other stuff was purchased off Craigslist :-)

With that said, the cherry console table was one of the last pieces to buy...we still need another armchair but those are super expensive and can wait :-)  Well, I say that but of course I would LOVE to have an area rug and new headboard--and maybe a matching dresser--for the master bedroom...but we already have a headboard and dresser which nobody ever sees!

Once we finally add the armchair, I will feel confident enough to start hanging things on the walls.  As a childhood friend who also has plaster walls put it, "You only have one chance to hang it in the right place!"

The new table--and I promise it's not crooked in real life!  I sold enough stuff on Craigslist to pay for it without digging into my own wallet :-)  I'm hoping to find some fabric for the bottom rung--the wood-on-wood look is driving me nuts and it needs something to break it up!
Starting to get it decorated for Christmas...then I'll need to figure out some accessories, a table lamp, mirror/picture, etc once the holidays are over

Within minutes, I turned around to find Malcolm licking the nutcracker's hair!  He must have thought it belonged to another animal or something...always the  oddball!


  1. I think I should hire you to decorate my bedroom :)

  2. How 'bout I come decorate yours once I get ours decorated?! It is still so BLAH in there!